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Tarot and science - access to another dimension?

I am a curious person by nature and hence, I spend quite a bit of time pondering all sorts of questions from "why is x like it is" to "where did this world come from, what's the nature of reality?" The topic of today relates to tarot only loosely but it sprang to mind when I bought a book called Memories from Heaven (Dyer & Garnes 2015), about kids talking their pre-birth memories.

This particular post probably only appeals to science geeks but what the heck, let's do this! It's about what's the nature of our universe anyway?

Some time ago I stumbled upon a website called Multidimensional Man. Jurgen, the writer, tells about his "trips"to other dimensions through meditation. The accounts and Jurgen's illustrations are extremely beautiful and tell about exotic, wondrous places, nature, cities and people. Whether it's all Jurgen's vivid imagination or real trips to another 'frequencies' or reality, is at this stage unprovable. But the beauty of these stories remains unchanged.

For years, I've been reading everything I can about (popularised) quantum physics, astrophysics, philosophy and any recent scientific discoveries that could explain what is this world really - what is time, what is reality, what is space, where did it all come from, how is it sustained etc.

One theory - super string theory - says everything in the world consists of tiniest strings of energy linked together. These energy "rubber bands" form a net that is the basis for absolutely everything: particles and forces, atoms, planets, humans. These strings vibrate in 11 dimensions and that's our world; and apparently some unseen elements or aspects of our world too. Meaning that in a very real, tangible manner everything that exists is one and the same, we are all connected.

Another theory says the world is a hologram: what we see is a mere reflection of some sort of a base or source, even though it feels and seems very solid. Other theories suggest there are multiple dimensions we can't currently access, but they nonetheless exist. There might be countless other universes, known as the multiverse. We don't know if these other dimensions interact with our dimension or not, because currently we don't have means to measure this. Science can only discuss topics that are measurable and verifiable, everything else is either philosophy or religion/spirituality. But, what science can't measure, is not automatically non-existing.

The most recent theory postulates that our universe has a twin universe, a parallel one that was born in the same big bang. In this sister universe, time is moving to the opposite direction, from future to past. Or, time might be a spatial dimension, meaning that its inhabitants (maybe our counterparts/higher selves?) can move around to any direction in time, but not in space. Space or surroundings as we know it don't exist, but are more like in our thoughts or dreams: when we think or dream, we don't actually move anywhere but stay put. Yet, in our thoughts, we can travel around the world.

How this all ties to tarot? Well, just as an idea, if these other dimensions exist, maybe tarot is a method (and not necessarily the only method, just something human brain can easily understand because of tarot's stereotyped symbols) to deliver information from that sister universe, the universe of thought and reversed/non-causal time? If time is a place that can be travelled around, or time moves to a different direction, then events that will happen in our future have already happened or can be visited in this other universe.

Maybe one of these other dimensions or the sister universe is what many think as Heaven or the spiritual plane. If this thought is followed further and these two (or more) universes are inherently linked, what if the concept of reincarnation merely means we pop in and out of existence, taking turns in both sides of this film between dimensions? It would be fascinating if science developed a method to explore this.

Personally I'm on the fence about "life after death" or "reincarnation" topics, because of their current un-provability through science. I'm a researcher, after all. But it doesn't stop me from enjoying the beautiful descriptions of the Multidimensional Man, or Memories from Heaven. And believing or not believing in any of these topics is not a prerequisite for using tarot. But I guess that's the main reason I love tarot: it's a way to enjoy and access the mystic side of reality, the unknown and unseen, be it "just"our subconscious - or another dimension.

There's so much we don't yet know about our universe. Photo source.

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