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My life ain't so bad after all - reading

I found a very interesting, new and unique tarot card spread from my favourite online hang out spot, the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. This spread is created by AT member Enlightenment23 and I love it because it's about my go-to strategy in life: how to see the cup half full instead of half-empty?

Sometimes change is not what's needed. Instead, recognising and appreciating what you already have is all that's required. I did a test reading and it proved very accurate and insightful!

Enlightenment23 writes; "I think, a lot of the times, we focus on the negative stuff in our lives rather than the positives. This spread I created helps change that. This is a free-form spread -- no particular positions."

My Life Ain’t Too Bad After All - spread

1. What is something I think I’m losing, but I’m truly not? 6 PENTACLES.

This card is about giving and receiving help, either material or immaterial. It's difficult for me to draw the line between helping freely and feeling that I'm being taken advantage of. Or, I sometimes tend to think that if something is given freely, it's not as meaningful and valuable as paid services. Of course, this is not true. Giving someone time, help, resources, support, advice... they don't need to cost anything to me and I'll eventually receive something valuable, too - in terms of happiness and sense of purpose.

2. What am I worrying about that’s not really even an issue at all? 6 PENTACLES.

Hahaha, I get it! There's no need to worry about the potential imbalance with giving and receiving. If I have what to give, just give, don't worry about getting something back: that's the definition of true volunteering and kindness. There is no need to expect a return favour or payment. But this only works as long as it truly is "giving freely", not under obligation - then it turns into exploitation. If I feel out of balance and being drained from energy and resources, it's still my responsibility to step up and set my boundaries to avoid ending up in a 10 Wands obligation mule situation.

3. Tell me something negative that I think about myself that’s far from true? JUSTICE.

That I'm judgemental and quick to criticise. Sometimes I am and this is a quality I actively seek to weed out: it's good to be balanced and objective, but it's counter-productive to be quick to judge, in particular when I don't know the whole story about how it is to be in someone else's shoes.

4. What is a special quality that I have that many others seek to acquire? LOVERS REV.

The card of true love, magnetic connection and also connection between head and heart - choose what both your heart and mind tell you to choose. Reversed, it tells I don't rely on my partner to make it in life, I can reach my dreams on my own. Also, as this is a card about connecting one's heart, body and soul and it's upside down, the image rotates the angel of the card at the bottom, the couple in the middle, and the ground to the highest level. I read it to mean that the root of my life is in my soul: I experience from soul to mind to material - I trust my gut and direct my life in a way it feels fulfilling from inside out, not vice versa. I'm not trying to build life on material matters such as possessions, fashion, popularity, money or power.

5. What is something amazing that I have that I take for granted? TOWER REV.

Tower is the card of shock, destruction, surprises, the carpet being pulled from under one's feet. Reversed, it reminds that I can keep my cool and life from crumbling in stressful, chaotic or emergency situations. Indeed, I have the ability to stay calm and focused even under pressure or when things literally and metaphorically crumble around me. I've often thought of a career in emergency services due to this trait, but then again, I don't wish to actively seek more stress and work-life imbalance by being in a role that will occupy my head from dawn to dusk.

6. What is something that I desire that I think will make me happy, but won’t? 3 CUPS.

The card of friendship and gettogethers?? Whoa, this is a surprising card at the first glance! I have a wide net of acquaintances and also a circle of close friends, but then again, I'm content alone or just with my partner. I've never been into partying and clubbing, so all sorts of fiestas are fun but not a necessity in my life. I'm also quite content to move on from one life stage to another so I don't necessarily need to rekindle friendships with old friends from different phases of life - even though I do sometimes miss them. In general, I'm happy with the flow of life to take me to new places.

7. Name something tough that I’m currently dealing with that will no longer be a problem soon? 9 SWORDS REV.

9 Swords in most decks has a very literal imagery: a person unable to sleep due to worries, anxieties and nightmares. Reversed it tells that I'm already moving out from a phase of unfounded worries - worries that are mostly created by my own mind - and soon I don't have to deal with them at all, great. I've been worried about a range of things from my job to studies to direction and purpose in life in general, so learning not to worry is a very welcomed message.

8. Finally, what is something positive coming my way that reminds me that life ain’t so bad after all? MAGICIAN.

The card of personal power and being able to manifest one's will. This is a card that has popped up a lot recently, right after I realised I'm not at the mercy of destiny by being "stuck" at my job. I have all it takes to make my plans and dreams come true, I just need to have a clear intention and direction first to make it happen. Now I have a number of step-by-step plans and newly-found determination, so yes, I can make it all happen. That's more than a cup half full, it's brimming.

I warmly recommend testing this spread, it might reveal things you've completely overlooked or forgotten in the middle of the daily grind!

What if your cup is not empty, but it's actually half-full or close to full? And what if the whole cup - you - is golden, shiny and unique instead of the plain old vessel you may have thought it is? 
Photo via Kaboompics, Creative Commons Licence.

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