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Hi there, nice to meet you!

My name is Anu - Saskia in tarot chat forums - and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I love travelling and can be found around the world. I have studied art and architecture and I have a Master's degree in art history (2007). Today, I'm a researcher, environmentalist, aspiring novelist, community volunteer and of course, a tarot reader. 

Following my art studies I realised I have a special talent for interpreting symbols and pictures, so tarot gradually become an interest, then passion.

I launched this blog because I'm excited about the possibilities tarot offers for self-development and positive life change; this is a platform to share views and insights. Hence the name of the blog, Tarot for Change! Welcome on board!

Contact by email tarotsaskia(a)gmail.com

Code of Ethics

As a reader, I offer non-judgemental, clear and honest guidance. I will not reveal your information to any third party. I do my absolute best to deliver an accurate, meaningful and useful reading. I will inform and refund the client in case I feel I can't answer the question (due to the nature of it).

I follow the Code of Ethics of the Tarot Guild of Australia as follows:
  • I uphold the integrity of the tarot as a source of wise counsel, spiritual guidance, and a pathway to self-knowledge.
  • I take all reasonable steps to monitor and develop my own competence and will not promise more than I can deliver.

Note: tarot readings should never be used in lieu of medical, legal or any other professional advice.


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