Tarot services

I offer readings both for free and for charge: your first 3-card reading is free as a gift, and further readings can be purchased on this website.

A tarot reading can help by providing insight and new angles to look at any issue in life.

Tarot can help you understand, for example:
  • the root cause 
  • the challenge or obstacle
  • your hopes and fears around the matter 
  • the life lesson
  • the best advice for solving the issue, and 
  • the likely outcome in the situation. 
In all of my readings, the focus is on empowerment and finding a positive way forward.

Tarot can make our inner world of thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears visible - making those easier to understand, discuss and resolve.

Tarot is best suited for finding answers and solutions instead of predicting a fixed future - such a thing hardly ever exists. We all can make a positive change, once we have clarity about the direction.
Tarot cards can offer timeless wisdom and clarity. The Grail King (King of Cups), Arthurian Tarot.


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  2. I love how you focus on clarity and change, rather than prediction. You're right, prediction can change anyway!


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