"This was my very first reading done by Saskia and I'm so glad I went ahead with it. The way she described the cards and relayed their messages to me resonated on many levels. The reading was spot on! She was able to pick up on current energies with regards to a situation that has been weighing on my mind for quite some time. 

  She helped me see what I was already feeling but more importantly, that I'm on the right track where my own hunches are concerned and that I can trust myself even when I might not like what I'm seeing or when I might not like the truth. It was a blessing to receive that confirmation. 

   I very much enjoyed the fact that Saskia used different tarot decks to do my reading. I thought it was creative and the process very much helped conjure up images in my mind which in turn, helped clarify and reflect my current status and where I was headed.  It's truly amazing! Dear Saskia, thank you very much for your in depth reading. I know who to go to should I feel the need to be read for again.  All the best to you!"
~ Grace

"Saskia's mixture of compassion and warmth are the open channel for the insights and reflections she delivers in her readings. You can trust her skills because Saskia is thorough, detailed, perceptive and accurate. Whether you are coming to her website to connect with a better way of looking at the world or because you want to take on the world, Saskia is your best 'go to' person for effective listening, patient problem solving and empowering wisdom. Consulting her for your reading will be a decision that will certainly work in your favour!"
~ Jane

"'Saskia’s reading was straightforward and practical, with an intuitive grasp of where my head was at and suggested solutions for any challenges identified. She’s made some longer-term predictions which I look forward to offering feedback on in the years to come!"
~ Tealily

"I feel that when you do a reading, you consider the feelings of the person you are reading for and even when you have to deliver news that might not please them you offer your best message in a very kind and compassionate way."
~ Jodi

"How lovely! Thank you for such a wonderful reading, it coul not have resonated any more than it did. You have picked up on and described everything about the situation and I intend to take your advice!"
~ Haley

"I had a reading with Saskia and found her to capture the key elements of the situation and also to give accurate information about past events . I am looking forward to seeing the future predictions unfold and would like to thank Saskia for her professionalism and insight."
~ Bel

"The reading resonated with my current situation. You picked up on my worries and my attitude. Much more detailed than I expected with accurate description of each card. I would definitely come back and have a reading done again. Highly recommended!"
~ Ericka

"Thanks for the great reading, it did resonate a lot! ...unfortunately. I want more, and he does not... it is time for me to realize that it may not ever be anything more than that between us. The 5 of wands is likely us fighting because of him not committing to me and making me feel I am competing against others. So thank you for this great reading, it does resonate a lot."
~ Debra


  1. Hi Saskia,
    I loved the reading you gave me. It was thoughtful, action oriented and definitely uplifting. It shone light on my inner most thoughts and let me know a definite direction to take in identifying the blocks to and resolving my problem. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Ketchup Girl, thank you for your lovely feedback, that's great to hear! All the best and see you around :)


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